In this case the animals are destined for interior rooms where are fattened to slaughter weight anticipated (160 kg for the production of ham or even the weight of 100-120 kg for pork butchery). Piglets be roughly subdivided into homogeneous groups according to age and weight, locked inside the box. In the early days of confinement operators verify the condition of the animals by the veterinary, food strategy is established and prophylaxis as well as the therapy. Normally operators ( before the animals are together in the box or are just admitted ) overland spread manually balanced food in the form of flour, for the purpose of educating the animals from one area of ​​the box as a rest area , delineating an area of ​​defecation (usually performed on slotted floors). Thus it then proceeds to normal food management in almost all cases will be settled with automated power distribution feeders .


Fattening plant building


Fattening Building View




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