Forced Ventilation

The concept of “forced ventilation” comes precisely to force the movement of the air flow inside the room through the operation of motorized mechanisms such as extractors and / or fans, generating low speed and high prevalence a replacement continuous air , very necessary in this type of construction due to the constant accumulation of NH4 (ammonia), which emerges from the accumulated manure pits in discharge generally located below the seating surface of the animals. The type of forced ventilation most commonly used today is the ” system to tunnel ” which is conceptually the same as that used for poultry confinement , is applied in structures lightweight roof, that is to say metal or wooden structures lightweight braces economic wood but with low distortion, pre – painted ceiling of minimum thickness , ceiling with veneer or PVC (low cost ) , thermal insulation ventilated ceiling with projected cellulose sheet ( recycled material , fireproof , etc.)These systems are suitable for extreme climate regions either in summer than in winter,

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