Industrial Biocompost Plant

The definitive solution to the swine effluent lagoons …

The carropuente digester is a modern , innovative and economical system for the biological treatment of effluent daily pig …

The system consists of :

1) A reinforced concrete rectangular tank depth 1.5 to 2 meters of a roof cover weather protection. Inside lignocellulosic material is loaded for the operation of the biological process .

2) A machine automotiva uniformly distributes the effluent on the bed of lignocellulosic biomass material and moves necessary for aeration .

3) An automatic control of the operations managed by the basic parameters of the process.

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Operating principles:

Treated effluents are discharged on a bed of lignocellulosic material appropriate particle size and characteristics serves to absorb these effluents. Movement of the biomass fed growth of microorganisms naturally present , promotes and selects optimum conditions of biodegradation of the organic substance with strong effluent heat development without appreciable odor emissions. Lignocellulosic matrix may be composed of different fibers and mixed together , for example:

                * Sawdust                                        * Green Public

               * Wood Chips                                  * Straw

               * Miscanthus                                  * Green Compost 

Organic substances are rapidly oxidized, while organic waste aerobic fermentation are mineralized in the lower part of the layer of lignocellulosic material. The nitrogen present in the form ammonia , is reduced to an identical gaseous nitrogen present in the air we breathe. Fermentation bed with a uniform capillary movement produces aerobic fermentation and after three months of preparation , the cycle with the new biomass and effluent always repeats itself daily. The lagoons will not be used to avoid more pollution and the consequent recovery of space previously occupied the site. The composition of the finished material is suitable as fertilizer and organic amendante of excellent quality, used worldwide for soil improvement , horticulture , fruit etc. , because of its organic quality . The high automation of the machinery is so simple to require the assistance of a single operator only for a few minutes a day.

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1) Cancellation final of swine effluent lagoons .

2) Decrease the amount of ammonia ( -60 / 80 %).

3) Reducing the volume of effluent ( -80 / 90 %).

4) Elimination of odors during processing.

5 ) Production of high quality stabilized organic fertilizer ( China buys 55% of world production of Biocompost the same type produced in other countries) .

6) Adjustment to environmental regulations.

7) Simple management and operational safety.

8) is a new product in Argentina and South America, a farm of 1,000 mothers produce 6000 tons per year of exportable Biocompost , producing value added or usable in origin.




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